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Bush Furniture 2 Shelf Bookcase – Mocha Cherry – 400 Series

Bush Furniture 2 Shelf Bookcase – Mocha Cherry – 400 Series


Bush Furniture 36″W 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet – Storm Gray – 400 Series

Bush Furniture 36″W 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet – Storm Gray – 400 Series


RightAngle Arriba Gas Lift Desk 24″ x 36″, Gray Matrix w/Black Base

RightAngle Arriba Gas Lift Desk 24″ x 36″, Gray Matrix w/Black Base


Fold-Away Wall Desk – Mahogany

Fold-Away Wall Desk – Mahogany


RightAngle Bonita Electric Height Adjustable Desk 24″x48″, Merapi w/Black Base

RightAngle Bonita Electric Height Adjustable Desk 24″x48″, Merapi w/Black Base


Interion 2 Drawer Pedestal File/File – Black

Interion 2 Drawer Pedestal File/File – Black


Interion Collaboration Table – Double – 60″W x 60″D x 30″H – Gray

Interion Collaboration Table – Double – 60″W x 60″D x 30″H – Gray


Interion 60″ Desk Cherry

Interion 60″ Desk Cherry


Loctek D5D Dual Arm Gas Spring Monitor Mount

Loctek D5D Dual Arm Gas Spring Monitor Mount


Hirsh Industries Modular Steel Desk – Single Left Pedestal – 66 x 30 – Black/Walnut

Hirsh Industries Modular Steel Desk – Single Left Pedestal – 66 x 30 – Black/Walnut


Improve Productivity With Comfortable Office Furniture

We offer a broad variety of high quality and affordable ergonomic office furniture, suitable for all your business’ needs. Whether you have a small office or a large-sized company, our office furniture will help increase productivity with comfortable, posture-friendly designs and durable materials.

Office Furniture

Ergospec Offers Affordable,

High-Quality Office Furniture.

Ergospec has been working since 1991 to offer a wide variety of brand name, private label and refurbished office furniture for affordable prices.

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What is the field of ergonomics and how does it relate to office furniture?


Ergonomics is a field of science that focuses on people and their interactions with their environment, which can specifically be applied to workplace environments. Ergonomics specialists have an interest in improving the safety and efficiency of workplaces for the people in them. When you choose office furniture that is ergonomic for your employees, you may see vast improvements in worker productivity and happiness levels. You can also expect to see less injuries in the workplace, and you may even notice an increase in your company’s profits. All of this can be achieved simply by investing in ergonomic, high quality office furniture.

How does space planning relate to purchasing office furniture?


Depending on the size of your space, the number of employees you need to accommodate, and the type of work they do, you may quickly feel overwhelmed by the concept of space planning while shopping for office furniture. There is a wide variety of types of office furniture available, each with their own unique features and benefits. From workstations to tables to storage cabinets, planning accordingly will help you maximize your space and ensure your employees have everything they need to do well in their jobs. For example, some businesses may need extra filing cabinets because keeping paper copies is required for clients’ records. In a business that opts for all digital records, on the other hand, the additional space may be better utilized by setting up a conference table or seating area for clients. No matter your needs, an emphasis on space planning when deciding on office furniture can help you make smart choices to help your company and your employees succeed and grow.


My employees are different heights and sizes; what is the best way to accommodate them all?


People come in all shapes and sizes, and when they work for you, you want to ensure that they are all happy, comfortable, and productive in their workspace. In order to find the best option for each and every employee, be sure to choose a supplier who offers a wide variety of office furniture. For example, an office chair that works very well for a tall man will likely not be the best choice for a petite woman. To ensure that your entire office and everything within it is ergonomically correct, computer screens should be at the correct height for each user; desks and chairs should ensure proper posture, and backs should always be well supported. All of this can be accomplished simply by opting for ergonomic office furniture.


What if an employee requests a new piece of office furniture for their workspace?


Only you can decide what types of office furniture you need and what fits within your budget. But when you choose to work with the helpful, knowledgeable team at ErgoSpec Office Furniture, we can introduce you to any type of office furniture you need. Whatever the request, we will make sure it is available and affordable for your business. If your employee is making a formal request for new equipment, then it is likely that they are experiencing some level of discomfort. At times, simply making a small investment in a new chair or desk for your employee can effectively boost worker morale and overall productivity and as a direct result, your bottom line. It is always a good idea to have a conversation with the worker making the request to find out more about their needs and what type of office furniture they need to do great work.

Are there health risks associated with utilizing ill-fitting and worn out office furniture?


It may seem like the dangers to office workers in regards to workplace injury are fairly slight. However, the chance of chronic injuries related to the immediate work environment of your employees can be greatly reduced by choosing the right office furniture. For example, poor posture can lead to chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain, and improper placement of a keyboard can contribute to an employee developing carpal tunnel syndrome, a serious condition that causes your hand to become numb and weak from nerve suppression. As you can see, the right office furniture can indeed prevent serious injuries to your workforce.

Can standing desks help boost employee productivity?


Standing desks are a popular type of office furniture that many of your employees may prefer to use during their workday. For some people, standing while working can do wonders for their productivity. However, though standing desks can help some workers increase efficiency, others will work just as well with a more traditional style desk. When selecting office furniture for your business, the smart choice is to offer a variety of options so that each and every employee can create a work environment that maximizes productivity. 


What are anti-fatigue floor mats, and why should I be using them for my employees?


Anti-fatigue floor mats are a special type of mat that can be placed in an employee’s work area. These mats are especially effective for workers who are required to stand for significant periods of time to complete their job functions. For an office, this might be your receptionist or security guard, as well as your employees who choose to utilize standing desks. Unlike hard surfaces, like concrete, anti-fatigue floor mats are made of a softer material, such as rubber, vinyl, or even carpeting. The softer surface helps to reduce fatigue, keeping your employees more awake and focused during the workday. As you can see, adding anti-fatigue floor mats to your office is a no brainer.


It seems as though I just invested in office furniture; do you provide more durable, long-lasting options?


Our office furniture is made with high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. Whether you’re looking to furnish your entire office, redo your customer waiting area, or simply replace a few workstations or bookshelves, our qualified experts can help you find just what you need for a price you can afford. When you are ready, we can even help you find office decor to pull your whole look together.

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